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Denny McNamara has earned our support

Denny McNamara has earned our support

Like many folks in our district, I was disappointed to learn our State Senator resigned and was stepping down, but then I was pleased to hear that former representative Denny McNamara decided to run for the open position. Since then, I've seen Denny knocking on doors in our neighborhood and talking with residents--he's putting in the time to understand the needs of the people in our district. This, combined with the fact that he has refused campaign contributions from PACs and lobbyists, makes me believe that Denny will work for us constituents and not the powerful special interest groups. In serving seven terms as our former state representative, Denny has earned our community's support in the past and I believe we should give him our support again now in his bid for state senator. I'm voting for Denny McNamara in the special election on February 12. --Tony Horton, Hastings, MN