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Bait and Switch

Bait and Switch

Dear Editor,

In May 2016, Denny McNamara filed re-election papers for state representative from SD 54B. As a 7 term incumbent, he knew that his filing made it clear he would be in the GOP's nominee for the House that year. On the final day of the filing period, Tony Jurgens, a McNamara campaign associate, threw his hat in the ring to oppose McNamara or so it seemed. Less than 24 hours later McNamara suddenly withdrew from the race, and Jurgens became the partys nominee. McNamaras reason for backing out? He told the Hastings Star Gazette that he was "done working" and wanted to spend more time with his grandchildren. Why would McNamara have such a sudden change of heart? Why the bait and switch? Are we to believe that his close ally Jurgens had no idea this was going to happen before filing on the final day? What about other Republicans who wanted to run but didnt because McNamara had already announced? McNamaras "change of heart" shut anyone else who might have expressed interest in running for his vacated seat. So much for transparency and representative government. Our community needs someone who stands behind his public statements and follows through for all of us not just a political party. Our state legislature needs someone with credibility and strength of character, not someone who will say one thing and do another.


Don Slaten, Chair SD54DFL