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Support for Karla Bigham

Support for Karla Bigham

To the editor,

Recently Karla Bigham stopped by my house asking for support. I talked about a few issues, and then mentioned I enjoyed many outdoor activities, including hunting and fishing. She told me she enjoyed being outdoors, especially with her two dogs, and she noted that she has a permit to carry and visits the shooting range occasionally.

I dont base my vote only on one or two issues, and I appreciated Karlas knowledge and experience in both state and local government. However, I was very surprised to learn she has a permit to carry and understands the views of those who hunt and fish in Minnesota, and that she respects our opinions.

I take voting seriously and I weigh the issues carefully. I believe that Karla Bigham has the right mix of honesty, integrity and grit to serve us well in the Minnesota Senate.

I urge you to support her in the special election on Monday, February 12.


Bruce Cargin