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Throwing Away $122 Million of Our

Throwing Away $122 Million of Our


Karla Bigham keeps saying she's proud to have voted for the 2008 transportation bill debacle. In looking at that bill, I have to ask why?

That bill created the County Transit Improvement Board (CTIB)- which forced Dakota and Washington counties to contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to transit projects our residents may never use. Our lost dollars were a windfall for Minneapolis and St. Paul! That's $30 million more than it cost to build the new Hastings bridge. Just think of all the local road and bridge projects we could have done with that kind of money!

Unfortunately, Karla Bigham didn't. Denny McNamara did. He had the common sense to say NO. He says yes to common sense bills that help our area! That's the kind of Senator we need.

Join me in voting for Denny McNamara for State Senate on McNamara Monday February 12th.

Jason Fossum