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Karla Bigham:

Karla Bigham:

Lobbyists and Big Business' Best Friend

Who will Karla Bigham prioritize if elected to state senate: Corporations.

As a career politician, shes accepted tens of thousands of dollars from lobbyists and political action groups, including $10,000 this past month.

She sponsored a bill (HF353 - 2007) banning legislators from becoming lobbyists for a year after they leave office. Yet three months after she "retired," Bigham landed a position with a multi-billion dollar corporation. According to her resume, Bighams job duties included "government affairs" - aka lobbying - and "facilitating corporate donations."

In both her legislative and post-legislative career, Bigham has known where to find the big money in political circles. Say no to someone who prioritizes political cronies over our residents. Vote Denny McNamara someone who has NEVER taken lobbyist, PAC, or special interest campaign contributions - on February 12.

Kellie Eigenheer

Cottage Grove