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Lessons from our father Denny McNamara

Lessons from our father Denny McNamara

Growing up our dad worked very hard to ensure we were on the right track. He demonstrated that nothing was more important than your own personal word and the commitment that carried. He taught us to have the same amount of respect for someone working in the trades as someone working at the Capital.

He equipped us with the optimism to seek solutions to issues and to never just except good enough. He taught us to be open to new perspectives, new cultures, and new traditions while also remembering who we are and what is important to us. He instilled in us the importance of caring for that which we have been blessed with.

We watched as he put these same beliefs to work as our state legislator.

These ideals are just a few of the reasons we feel our father, Denny McNamara is the most qualified candidate to best serve our senate district moving forward. Please join us in voting for our dad on McNamara Monday, February 12th.

Most sincerely,

Mike and Brian


5th generation Hastings residents