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As mothers of young children, we often spend time thinking about the future and how the decisions being made by our leaders will impact the lives of our children. Whether it's the safety of the communities in which we live, or ensuring quality schools they'll attend, it's imperative we have strong leaders who we can trust to put our needs first. That's why we support Denny McNamara for state senate.

During his 14 years in the Minnesota House, he put the needs of his constituents ahead of all else when making decisions and doesn't accept money from special interest groups. We have seen how important and proud he is of this attribute.

We have also had the chance to see Denny from a different perspective than many of you-as the grandfather to our kids. Denny is a good man and even better grandpa. He has more energy than our little kids and always gives 110% in all that he commits himself to. We have seen first-hand the kind of man he is and he has our full support. We are proud of him and hope that you will join us in voting for Denny in the January 29th Primary and again on McNamara Monday, February 12th.

Jenny and Sarah McNamara, Hastings, MN