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Wayback Burgers offers a popular fish and chips platter

Lesson learned this week: Don’t try to do the Friday Fish Fry meal for lunch. Because I was really full after I returned to my desk after my meal at Wayback Burgers.

When we started this little fish fry series a few weeks back, I wasn’t aware that Wayback Burgers served a fish fillet meal during Lent. But I’m here to say that yes, there is a fish fry going on at Wayback, and it goes on every day. 

It was the first Friday of Lent when I first walked into Wayback Burgers. It’s probably the closest to the Bulletin’s office of any of the fish fry locations. I forgot my lunch at home. I needed something to eat. I thought I’d read somewhere that Wayback had a fish sandwich, so I stopped in to get one. 

And it turned out that not only did Wayback have a fish sandwich meal, it is also serving a two-piece cod fish fry meal with French fries – the fish and chips platter. Well, at the time, I got my fish sandwich and made a mental note to go back another day. 

Last Friday was that day. 

I introduced myself to owner and manager Karen Schmitz. She had an errand to run, so I ordered my food and sat down at one of the tables. One of her staff brought out not one, but two baskets for my meal. One was filled with two good-sized pieces of cod on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes. The other was filled with what I can only describe as “gi-normous” (that’s “giant” and “enormous” all tied up in one word) fries. 

I mean, these things were at least 6 inches long. Seriously. I put one down on a napkin next to my fork. It was longer than my fork. Gi-normous.

I managed to polish off the cod fillets and was working my way through the fries when Schmitz returned. As we visited, I learned I wasn’t the only one who was unaware that Wayback Burgers had a fish fry going on. 

Woodbury’s Wayback Burgers opened in October 2013. The Wayback franchise boasts many different kinds of burgers, shakes and, of course, fries. But it isn’t known for fish sandwiches or fish fillet meals. At least, it wasn’t until customers started to notice the big signs promoting the meals during Lent. 

Schmitz hears from her customers that there are not as many fish fry options in Woodbury as one might have thought. 

“We’ve had customers coming in and going, ‘Oh my gosh. You have fish,’” she said. “People really, really like the fish.”

In fact, the fish sandwiches are now a staple of Wayback’s menu. That came about after customers repeatedly asked for it to be added, she said. Now, with the fish fillet meal offered during Lent, she’s hearing similar requests from her customers – to keep the fish fillet meal on the menu. It’s something that has to be approved through the company’s corporate office, but Schmitz suspects the meal’s popularity will lead to its addition on future menus.

Wayback Burgers does not carry a liquor license, which makes it a very family-oriented establishment, Schmitz said. Instead of alcoholic beverages, customers can get soda, tea, or these really, really delicious shakes made with real ice cream. (I know they’re really delicious. That was my dessert.)

“You don’t need an alcohol place for families. You need a good old place where kids who are 18 can work and not have to worry about serving alcohol,” Schmitz said. “You need a place where families can come together and have a good meal.”

The fish and chips platter is $9.49, and the sandwich and chips meal is $7.49. Wayback Burgers is located at 8470 City Centre Drive in Woodbury. For more information, visit