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Upgraded Lake Elmo Park Reserve Swim Pond reopens with celebration Aug. 1

The Lake Elmo Park Reserve Swim Pond is full of water now, but during reconstruction, it was as dry as the desert. (Submitted photo)

The public is welcome to experience the upgrades that the Lake Elmo Park Reserve Swim Pond underwent this summer, when it reopens next week.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the pond is planned for 2:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 1, at the pond.

There are several upgrades to the pond, and changes to the surrounding area that will better serve the thousands of visitors to Lake Elmo Park Reserve annually. The pond, built in 1986, was starting to show its age. Workers replaced the aging pond infrastructure, and added amenities and better Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility. The maximum depth of pond was reduced from 6 feet to 4 feet, and the liner was replaced, as were the pipes that carry water in and out of the pond and the skimmers that filter the water to keep it safe.

Visitors will see improvements that include more shade trees, sidewalks, and benches, as well as accessibility in parking areas, accessible picnic tables, and a hard-surfaced, zero-depth entry into the pond.

Extra park staff will be available at the park in the early weeks of the pond reopening to help explain new procedures.

Overall project funding for the pond upgrade was made possible through Metropolitan Council grants of $1.4 million from a combination of state and Metropolitan Council general obligation bonds and Parks and Trails Fund appropriations.

Work in the future will include an upgrade of the concession stands and lifeguard building.

Lake Elmo Park Reserve is at the intersection of county roads 19 and 10, about 1 mile north of Interstate 94, in Lake Elmo.

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