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Local 4-H members compete at three meets

Izabel Kane and Chase won purple in the Beginner B Obedience (grade 6) category. (Submitted photo)

South Washington 4-H members earned honors at three state-wide competitions held in September.

At the Minnesota 4-H State Shooting Sports and Wildlife Invitational, held in Alexandria Sept. 11-13, the following teams ranked from one to 18 in their classes.

  • Archery, Junior Class A—The team ranked first with a score of 911 was comprised of Brandon Barnard of Oakdale with 217 points; Liani Dalbec of Woodbury with 223 points; Katharine Meyer of Cottage Grove with 213 points; and Anna Warmka of Oakdale with 258 points.
  • Archery, Intermediate Class A –The team that ranked first with a score of 571 was comprised of Lilly Bassett of Maplewood with 198 points; Bethany Habbena of Newport with 111 points; Audrey Meyer of Cottage Grove with 144 points; and Joshua Warmka of Oakdale with 118 points.
  • Archery, Intermediate Class A—The team that ranked second with 483 points was comprised of Maren Anderson of Cottage Grove with 126 points; Skylar Barnard of Oakdale with 101 points; Emmalise Meyer of Cottage Grove with 158 points; and Andrew Pearson of St. Paul with 98 points.
  • Archery, Intermediate Class C—The team that ranked 18 with 654 points was comprised of Molly Graber of Afton with 224 points; Adam Horwath of Oakdale with 218 points; and Bradley Horwath of Oakdale with 212 points.
  • Position Air Rifle, Intermediate—The team that ranked 12th with 129 points was comprised of Andrew Pearson of St. Paul with 47 points; and Lauren Pendar of Cottage Grove with 82 points.

At the Minnesota 4-H State Dog Show held at state fairgrounds in St. Paul Sept. 26-27, the following local members earned ribbons.

  • Karly Anderson, Cottage Grove, received an excellent rating and blue ribbon in rally.
  • Obbe Haveman, Hastings, took a blue in Obedience-Beginner B.
  • Izabel Kane, Woodbury, won champion in Obedience-Beginner B (sixth grade), and an Award of Excellence in Rally-Pre-novice (sixth grade).
  • Macy McAtee, Woodbury, won a blue in Rally-Novice (fifth grade)
  • Brianna Roy, Cottage Grove, won champion in Rally-Veterans.
  • Lexi Simonson, Woodbury, won three blue ribbons in Obedience-Grad Beginner (grades 9-10); Rally-Pre-Novice (grades 9-10); and Showmanship-Open (grade 10).

At the Minnesota 4-H State Horse Show, Sept. 18-21, which was held at the state fairgrounds, the following local members earned ribbons.

  • Hippology Senior. (Hippology is an in-depth study of the horse to include anatomy, breeds, colors, activity or identification of proper equipment.) The team that scored 1,790 points included Shaina Cormier of White Bear Lake, Grace Killeen of Woodbury, Kyeana Cormier of White Bear Lake and Samantha Mehta of Woodbury.
  • In Horse related (grade 9 and higher), Grace Killeen of Woodbury scored 58 points and came in fifth.
  • In Horseless Horse (grade 9 and higher) Karly Anderson of Cottage Grove scored 48 points and came in first.
  • In the Poles category (grade 11), Halle Sterling of Cottage Grove ranked second with a time of 11.973, and Meghan Olderbak of Woodbury had a time of 13.719.