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ISD 834 School Board - Vote Burns, Cooper, Fila and Hovland

I support candidates Mark Burns, Matt Cooper, Jon Fila and Don Hovland for ISD 834 school board. They come with a vast array of professional experiences and the ability to work constructively and respectfully with fellow board members, administrators and taxpayers. They recognize the significant growth in the south of our district that needs to be addressed for the sake of kids in all our buildings. These candidates are prepared to analyze data and apply it to critical decisions that will help offer kids the best educational opportunities possible within the constraints of our budget.

Candidates Pearson, Riehle and Weisberg are not looking at the realities of our changing demographics. All are advocating to reopen closed buildings in the north of the district to address the rapid growth in Woodbury and Lake Elmo. They are running as a slate with a singular agenda, including opposition to the immediate expansion of Brookview Elementary. They are promising to reduce class sizes with no plans on how to pay for their ideas. That kind of short-sighted promise is a bait and switch designed to do two things - 1) get themselves elected at the expense of future students and taxpayers and 2) to pursue a vendetta against our school administration. Voters need to be aware of their ties to 834 Voice, a community group who litigated three separate lawsuits against our district, costing critical time and money to be diverted from classrooms.

Candidates Burns, Cooper, Fila and Hovland will solicit community input, consider data, and make decisions independently. Vote for the candidates that can prioritize our kids’ needs above all else.