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Support for Liz Weisberg for Stillwater Area School Board

I am writing in support for Liz Weisberg for Stillwater Area School Board. Over the past three years I have come to know Liz, and as a parent of two children in this district, would be honored to have her join our school board. Liz is an intelligent, well spoken, and extremely thoughtful person. Currently Liz is the director of Red Bridge preschool in Marine, MN, while her past experience includes subbing as a teacher for each and every school in District 834. She also served as a media specialist at Marine and Withrow elementary schools, as well as an interventionist at Withrow elementary. Liz has a strong grasp of the educational and emotional/social needs of our school children. She also understands the needs of our teachers and sees the value in allowing our teachers to have a stronger voice within our district.

I have connected with Lizs desire regarding the need to have a collaborative, transparent and accountable school board. As a taxpayer, parent, and community member, those qualities are of extreme importance to me. Open dialogue, as well as a clear and open decision-making process are what will gain the communitys trust and is what will move our district in a positive direction. Liz understands this and will strive for this without hesitation.

Liz also believes in school choice. She understands that each child has their own specific needs regarding learning styles and social/emotional development. Expanding choice within and between each of our schools is extremely important so that parents have the opportunity to find the right fit for their child. Having schools have their own unique styles and sizes, rather than being made to fit a certain mold, will allow for a variety of offerings for children in hopes to attract families to our amazing school district. Without choice, families may look outside District 834 for their educational needs.

This community needs Liz Weisberg on our school board to help propel us into the future on a positive and solid footing.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.