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Stan is Committed to Community

I have lived in Washington County all my life and currently reside in Woodbury. Growing up in the Karwoski household we have got to experience our dad, Stan, live out his passion and involvement to this county first hand. Little did I know that would play such a big impact in my life today. Through my dads involvement and learning whats happening in our community, it has strengthened what a high quality of life Washington County provides, that it has encouraged me to want to raise my family here. Thank you, Dad, for working hard to continue to make this county better!

I encourage all voters in Washington County- District 2 to acknowledge my dads commitment, knowledge and passion in this county and vote to Re-Elect Stan Karwoski for Washington County Commissioner by submitting an early ballot now or going to the polls on Nov. 6th. Thank you for your continued support- Vote for Stan!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.