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Young fan from Woodbury catches actor’s attention with her artwork

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Eleven-year-old Lauren Otte is a huge fan of “The Hunger Games.”

She had missed meeting Woody Harrelson, who played Haymitch Abernathy in “The Hunger Games” series, during his first trip to Woodbury, so when the cast and crew were filming for a second time in her neighborhood, she was determined to meet him.

To benefit the Animal Humane Society in Woodbury, Otte and her friends set up a lemonade stand right across the road from Harrelson’s trailer, which was parked at the end of their street. They even had a special glass set aside for Harrelson, who rumor has it, does not drink out of plastic. While they waited, Otte drew a portrait of Harrelson in her drawing pad. After several hours, the kids had made a nice bit of money for donation to the Woodbury Humane Society, but had not seen Harrelson.

In the early evening, the kids learned that Harrelson would be arriving soon, but had to go straight to the set, so Otte took her drawing with her to watch the rehearsal with her friends. 

During rehearsal, one of the staff on the set noticed Otte’s drawing and, took a photo of it on his phone. He told her that he would try to get it to Harrelson. The fans were not sure if Harrelson ever received that photo, but as Harrelson was heading back to his trailer after rehearsal, Otte stood along the side of the street with her drawing. She was so excited when Harrelson noticed the drawing, and got out of his car for a closer look. 

Harrelson was kind enough to autograph her artwork and take a picture with Otte and several of her friends before heading back to his trailer, making one young fan and her friends extremely happy.

Otte’s mother, Christine, said: “Everyone we met, that was involved with the movie, was so nice, from the guy who tried to get a photo of Lauren’s drawing to Woody, to the actress (Isabella Amara) that spent more than an hour visiting with fans while waiting to go on set, and all the members of the crew who bought lemonade from the kids. 

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the kids, and I am so grateful for the kindness of the cast and crew.  They were incredible, and I wish there was a way to let them know how much we appreciated it.”