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CITY OF WOODBURY: Ad For Bids- Pkg 2-Public Works & Parks Maint. Expansion

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 11:27pm

City of Woodbury Public Works and Parks Maintenance Project Expansion –
Bid Package #2
2300 & 2301 Tower Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125
City of Woodbury, 8301 Valley Creek Rd., Woodbury, MN 55125
Hagen, Christensen & McIlwain, 4201 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Construction Manager:
RJM Construction, 830 Boone Avenue North, Golden Valley, MN 55427
NOTICE TO QUALIFIED CONTRACTORS - Notice is hereby given that the City of Woodbury will receive sealed bids from qualified bidders until May 10, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. at Woodbury City Hall, 8301 Valley Creek Road, Woodbury MN 55125.
The project work scope consists of demolition of the existing parks maintenance facility, associated sitework and construction of new Fleet Services building, construction of new cold storage building, warm storage building additions with associated sitework and interior remodels with new mezzanines at the existing Public Works facility.
Bids to be received include thirty-four (34) Bid Categories:
Category Description
2ASelective DemolitionLabor and Materials
3ACast-In-Place ConcreteLabor and Materials
3BPolished Concrete FinishingLabor and Materials
4AUnit MasonryLabor and Materials
5BStructural Steel & Misc. Metals ErectionLabor Only
6ACarpentryLabor and Materials
7BRoofingLabor and Materials
7CFormed Metal Wall PanelsLabor and Materials
8AOverhead DoorsLabor and Materials
8BAluminum Doors & FramesLabor and Materials
8CKallwall SystemsLabor and Materials
9AGypsum AssembliesLabor and Materials
9BTilingLabor and Materials
9CACT CeilingsLabor and Materials
9DCarpeting & BaseLabor and Materials
9EPaintingLabor and Materials
10ASignageLabor and Materials
10BOperable PartitionsLabor and Materials
10CLockersLabor and Materials
13AMetal Building SystemLabor and Materials
14AConveying EquipmentLabor and Materials
21AFire Suppression SystemsLabor and Materials
22APlumbing SystemsLabor and Materials
23AHVAC SystemsLabor and Materials
26AElectrical/Security SystemsLabor and Materials
31AEarthworkLabor and Materials
31BBuilding DemolitionLabor and Materials
32AAsphalt PavingLabor and Materials
32BSite ConcreteLabor and Materials
32CPorous Unit PavingLabor and Materials
32DFencingLabor and Materials
32ERetaining WallsLabor and Materials
32FLandscapingLabor and Materials
33AUtilitiesLabor and Materials
Quotes to be received include four (4) quote categories:
Category Description
7A Waterproofing Labor and Materials
7D Joint Sealants/Misc. Caulking Labor and Materials
12A Window Treatments Labor and Materials
34A Traffic Signs & Devices Labor and Materials
Bids previously received in Bid Package #1 include (3) Bid Categories:
Category Description
3C Precast Structural Concrete Labor and Materials
5A Structural Steel & Misc. Metals Materials
14B Fuel Island Labor and Materials
A bid security in the amount of 5% of the base bid will be required to accompany bids. Bids received after that time will not be accepted and will be returned unopened.
Sealed bids will be received at the Woodbury City Hall, 8301 Valley Creek Road, Woodbury MN 55125 until 1:00 p.m., May 10, 2018 at which time bids will be publicly opened, reviewed, and read aloud. Envelopes containing bids must be sealed, marked City of Woodbury Public Works and Parks Maintenance Project Expansion - Bid Package #2 and the Bid Category No. being bid. The name and address of the Bidder must be shown on the outside of the envelope. The date and time of the bid is to be noted on the label. Bids received after this time will not be accepted and will be returned unopened.
Bidding documents including the Proposal Form, Drawings and Specifications will be on file at the office of the Construction Manager:
RJM Construction
830 Boone Avenue North, Golden Valley, MN 55427
Phone: (952) 837-8600
A pre-bid meeting and walk thru will be conducted at the City of Woodbury Public Works & Parks & Recreation Facility located at 2301 Tower Drive, Woodbury MN 55125 on April 24th, 2018 @ 1:00 p.m.
Complete set(s) of hard copy Bidding Documents can be obtained through
National Reprographics as noted in AIA Document A701, Article 1 for a check deposit made payable to RJM Construction of $125.00 per set. A digital download of the documents will be available for purchase in the amount of $20.00 for access with check made payable to National Reprographics. National Reprographics can be contacted at (651) 779-8000, 11343 39th Street North, Suite B, Lake Elmo, MN 55042. The documents will be available on or about April 11, 2018. National Reprographics will refund the cost of only one set to those bidders who submit a bona fide bid and return the bid documents to National Reprographics within 30 days of the bid date, subject to the conditions of AIA Document A701. If more than one hardcopy set is required additional sets may be purchased at $200.00 each.
Plans will also be available for review only at the following locations (hard copy or electronic documents are available only at National Reprographics):
RJM Construction
830 Boone Avenue North, Golden Valley, MN 55427
Minnesota Builder's Exchange
1123 Glenwood Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55405; (612) 381-2620
Mankato Builders Exchange
75 Navaho Ave #2, Mankato, MN 56001
Make Bids in duplicate in exact accordance with the proposal form in the Project Manual, and sign in long-hand. No oral, telegraphic or fax bids will be accepted or considered.
Submit with each bid a certified check, bank money order or acceptable bidders bond issued by a surety meeting city requirements payable to the City of
Woodbury in the amount equal to five percent (5%) of the total bid. For
requirements, please reference specification section 00 21 00 - Supplementary Instructions to Bidders.
All bids will be evaluated by the Owner, the Architect and the Construction Manager. The Owner reserves the right to accept any bid or reject any or all bids, or parts of such bids and waive informalities or irregularities in bidding. Successful bidders will be required to furnish satisfactory Labor and Material Payment Bond, Performance Bond, and Certificates of Insurance and a signed contract within 10 days of award of contract. No bidder may withdraw his/her bid for at least 60 days after the scheduled bid opening.
The successful bidder must be a "responsible contractor." The term "responsible contractor" means a contractor as defined in Minnesota Statutes Section 16C.285, subdivision 3. Any prime contractor, subcontractor, or motor carrier that does not meet the minimum criteria or fails to comply with the verification requirements is not a responsible contractor and is not eligible to be awarded a construction
contract for the project or to perform work on the project. A prime contractor,
subcontractor, or motor carrier that makes a false statement under oath verifying compliance with the minimum criteria will be ineligible to be awarded a construction contract on the project and the submission of a false statement may result in termination of a contract awarded to a prime contractor, subcontractor, or motor carrier that submits the false statement. A prime contractor shall include in its verification of compliance a list of all of its first-tier subcontractors that it intends to retain for work on the project. Before execution of a construction contract, a prime contractor shall submit a supplemental verification under oath confirming that all subcontractors and motor carriers that the prime contractor intends to use to perform project work have verified to the prime contractor, through a signed statement under oath by an owner or officer, that they meet the minimum criteria for a responsible contractor.
The schedule for the project is to commence work on June 18, 2018 with
substantial completion in early June 2019. Work will be completed according to the preliminary project construction schedule issued in the Bid Documents.
Please direct all inquiries to Curtis Sell, RJM Construction at 612-214-4610.