Medallion hunt 2018 clues explained


The clue writer for this year's Woodbury Days medallion hunt was Mathias Baden, a former editor of the Woodbury Bulletin, a Woodbury Days parade judge and Woodbury resident. 

Now that the medallion has been found, Baden has provided a behind-the-scenes commentary on the clues.

Find all of the original clues here

Clue No. 1 revealed

- This medallion hunt is dedicated to the previous eight finders, from 2010-2017.

- Doubling as a scavenger hunt, clues were released early at various businesses throughout Woodbury. Early clue No. 2 was given out at Edina Realty.

Clue No. 2 revealed

- Props to Jeff and Cathy Burianek, who discovered the medallion at Ojibway Park in 2010.

- The “Book of the World’s Wonders” was written by Marco Polo. Are you an explorer, or playing a children’s game consisting of a blind search?

- Early clue No. 3 was given out at Green Mill.

Clue No. 3 revealed

- Props once again to Cathy Burianek, who after seven clues discovered the medallion under a dock at Menomini Park in 2011.

- The clue directly says the medallion is not hidden near a dock.

- Early clue No. 4 was given out at Culver’s.

Clue No. 4 revealed

- Props to Matt Koskie and Ashley Wilson of the St. Paul Winter Carnival guild of hunters called Cooler Crew, who after five clues discovered the medallion in tall weeds at Colby Lake Park in 2012.

- “Ask what to do for your country” – a paraphrase to remind you of JFK. The medallion was wrapped in a photo of the President and First Lady.

- Early clue No. 5 was given out at Dorothy Ann Bakery.

Clue No. 5 revealed

- Props to Jennifer Wenschau, who discovered the medallion inside an arbor vitae tree at Chippewa Park in 2013.

- “Head for the hills” of Woodlane Hills Park to get closer to where the medallion is hidden.

- Early clue No. 6 was given out at Stage Left Dance Co.

Clue No. 6 revealed

- Props to Steven Sanftner of Cooler Crew, who discovered the medallion in a boulder (rock) wall at Victoria Park in 2014.

- “On the land” means for hunters to look low.

- Early clue No. 7 was given out at Woodlane Flowers.

Clue No. 7 revealed

- Props to Mike Engh and children Joey, Natalie, Jared, who discovered the medallion hanging on a boardwalk pier/post at City Hall Wetland in 2015.

- Key words “new” and “bury” together spell Newbury, the name of the nearest road.

- Early clue No. 8 was given out at Woodbury Wealth Management.

Clue No. 8 revealed

- Props to Ed Brodie of Cooler Crew, who after three clues discovered the medallion in tall grass at Ridge Park in 2016.

- The medallion was hidden “far and wide” and “marked off by pace.”

- Early clue No. 9 was given out at Valley Creek Mall.

Clue No. 9 revealed

- Props once again to Koskie, who discovered the medallion at Prairie Ridge Park.

- Look not in a park, but on public land near a trail the city plows during winter.

- Early clue No. 10 was given out at Excel Martial Arts.

Clue No. 10 revealed

- Hunters were sent to a trail between Woodlane Hills Park and Newbury Road, where the prize was laid under a tree five paces from the pavement.