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Attention medallion hunters: The prize is still out there

Find previous clues here


After eight clues, the medallion has not been reported found as of Saturday morning. 

This is the longest hunt in Woodbury Days medallion hunt history, much to the pleasure of sponsors The Woodbury Bulletin and Edina Realty-Baden Real Estate Group.

"I personally promised past medallion finders a harder hunt, and this year has not disappointed," said Realtor Mathias Baden, a Woodbury resident, Woodbury Days parade judge and proud clue writer. "I love that each clue includes a red herring and a shout-out to past winners of the medallion hunts in Woodbury so far in the 2000s, as well as pointing this year's hunters toward the current prize." 

Early clues have been released daily from 9-11 a.m. at a local business and will continue Saturday and Sunday if needed. Clue No. 8 points to a place to find the early clue on Saturday morning. Clue No. 9 will point to the location of the early clue to be released on Sunday morning. 

"The scavenger hunt element -- sort of a hunt-within-a-hunt leading to an early clue at a local business -- has been a cool addition," Baden said. "It's made the clues feel solvable and hopefully added to locals' enjoyment of the hunt."

Clue nos. 1-10 will be posted on by 11 a.m. Sunday. 

This year's prize is $200 in gift cards -- $100 each to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and The Tavern. The prize includes both gift cards only if the winner presents a Woodbury Days Button of Savings upon prize redemption.

If you find the medallion, immediately call 612-327-1748