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Woodbury Medallion Hunt 2018 - Clue 9

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Clue No. 9

Technically not a park

But on public ground

Don’t jump, dig or swim

And it can be found

Get on your bicycles, do jujitsu

Skateboard, snowshoe or tricycle

Can you believe they plow

During times of icicles?

Keep up said search

Excel at finding the thing

And now it is time

For tribute we can sing:

Koskie back again

Check it to wreck it, let’s begin

Party on, Prairie Ridge Park people,

Let me hear some noise

Whoomp, there it is! I thought you knew.

Clue writer Mathias Baden is a former editor of the Woodbury Bulletin, a Woodbury Days parade judge, and Woodbury resident. 


Hunt rules

Clues leading to the hidden 2017 Woodbury Days medallion will be revealed daily from Aug. 15-17. If the medallion isn’t found by Friday, Aug. 17, more clues will resume on Monday through Friday, Aug. 20-24, or until the treasure is found.

Call the Woodbury Bulletin’s hotline for the medallion hunt at (651) 319-4488, where hunters may listen to a voice recording of the most current clue after 11 a.m. daily, and clues will also be posted on at 11 a.m. each day.

New this year: Clues nos. 1-9 provide a clue-within-a-clue leading hunters to a different local business each day, where the next clue will be provided early. Solve the clue-within-a-clue and you may read the clue by 9 a.m. at the local business of the day.

How to win

The prize is $200 in gift cards, courtesy of Edina Realty-Baden Real Estate Group and the Woodbury Bulletin. The winner is guaranteed the first half of the prize. The second half of the prize is secured when the medallion is returned by a Woodbury Days button holder and the winner calls (612) 327-1748 to alert the sponsor and the newspaper, which typically writes a story about the medallion finder.

The Woodbury Bulletin and Edina Realty-Baden Real Estate Group will together present the prize. Any winner who doesn’t have the Button of Savings will receive only $100 of the prize, courtesy of the Woodbury Bulletin and Edina Realty-Baden Real Estate Group.

Return the medallion to the sponsors to claim the prize.