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PHOTOS: Rain not enough to dampen Afton Strawberry Festival

Organizers with the Afton Area Business Association, the festival's sponsor, spent hours dipping chocolate-covered strawberries to hand out. Maureen McMullen / RiverTown Multimedia1 / 4
Stillwater resident Natane Tom, 12, performs a fancy shawl dance at the Afton Strawberry Festival June 25 in honor of her friends, family and culture as a Choctaw Native American.2 / 4
Booths at the Afton Strawberry Festival offered artists of all ages opportunities to express their flair for creativity. Four-year-old Vera Lee of Little Canada meticulously maps out dots with a q-tip on her pointillism-styled masterpiece. Maureen McMullen / RiverTown Multimedia3 / 4
Brad Trusty helps determine the beak length for a balloon penguin, one of dozens of balloon creations he twisted for festival goers throughout the weekend including mermaids, monkeys and sharks. He and wife, Cindy (left), who owns Cindy's Creative Celebrations in Oakdale, also offered elaborate face painting, henna designs and glitter tattoos. Maureen McMullen / RiverTown Multimedia. 4 / 4

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Cloudy skies and scattered rain did little to dampen festivities at the Afton Strawberry Festival on June 23-24. Festivalgoers enjoyed vendor booths and live music as well as a smorgasboard of strawberry fare.

Rebecca Nickerson with Afton Area Business Association, the festival's sponsor, said they handed out more than 1,000 strawberries over the weekend —  a sign of a good turnout, she said.

"We ran out early both days — we couldn't keep up, I'll say that," Nickerson said. "I think everybody had a good time, the strawberries were perfect. It wasn't too hot, and I think it went well both days."