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Woodbury THRIVES to hold senior social event

Woodbury THRIVES is inviting residents ages 55 and older to meet their neighbors at a social and walking event later this month.

The grassroots health and wellness group is holding its "Coffee, Tea & Walk for Free!" event from 6-10 a.m. June 29 at the HealthEast Sports Center.

The free event includes walks in the field house and conversations over coffee, tea and treats. Organizers also plan to hold a prize raffle.

Laura Fairweather, a team leader for Woodbury THRIVES' social inclusion committee, said the event will also serve as an opportunity for people to connect with their neighbors.

Founded last spring, the nonprofit THRIVES aims to promote health and wellness in Woodbury by addressing factors such as mental health, obesity and social inclusion.

"Woodbury THRIVES' goal is to make Woodbury the best place to live and work in the country, now and in the future," Fairweather said.

The group also partners with the city of Woodbury and Washington County, as well as the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce, Woodbury Community Foundation, HealthEast and more than 30 other community organizations.

More information about the June 29 event is available on the Woodbury THRIVES' Facebook page.