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Kids Glo Run: Neon is back in style

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As the sunset Saturday night, nearly 100 kids lit up the night in Ojibway Park in Woodbury.

As part of the third installment of races this year, several elementary-aged children wearing neon shirts and glow sticks ran about one mile around the park.

The event was the third race in a series of races this year but the first Glo Run since Woodbury, Cottage Grove, and Armstrong Elementary began hosting the events.

For 11-year-old Emma Olson, a Woodbury Elementary student, she said coming out was more about having fun with her friends.

She along with three Cottage Grove friends stocked up on dollar store glow sticks before coming to the park.

She said she enjoys running and in the past has participated in various races with her family to help benefit organizations for people with incurable diseases.

"It's important to show everybody that people want to find a cure."

Cottage Grove mother Dawn Bergman said bringing her kids — Emerson and Brayden Elle — to fun and benefit runs is important in teaching them the value of charity.

Following the race, participants celebrated around a bonfire.