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Recreating the Kiss

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A Minnesota World War II veteran and his wife were in New York last week after receiving a national award.

As part of the celebration, Raymond "Bud" Temme and wife Trudy recreated the iconic photo of a returned sailor and nurse kissing in Times Square on Aug. 14.

The event was part of National Spirit of '45 Day, which coincides with President Harry Truman's Aug. 14, 1945 announcement that World War II was over.

The event honors the courage and self-sacrifice of ordinary heroes who lived and served during the war.

"World War II vets are kind of disappearing," Temme told the Woodbury Bulletin in June. "We feel very proud and very privileged."

The Temmes both grew up on St. Paul's East Side and live in Oakdale. The couple lived in Woodbury for a number of years after they retired.

Temme received the Purple Heart while serving in the Pacific and the Bronze Star Medal while fighting in Europe.

Tom and Dixie Ewing, Fay and Rod Thorsell, Janice Hanson, Kip Bending, the American Legion and the Woodbury Yellow Ribbon Network helped the Temmes fund part of their trip to New York.

Though the event and photo recreation of the Kiss takes place in New York, the Temmes' daughter, Barbara Lundervold, said she's going to be working with the Spirit of '45 Celebration to hold the event at the Woodbury Lions Veterans Memorial next year.