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Safe Families Minnesota gala takes place Nov. 13

Each year, state welfare emergency hotlines nationwide receive more than 5 million calls reporting suspected child abuse or neglect. Of those, just 1 million meet the criteria for intervention. What happens to those other 4 million families in need of help?

Safe Families for Children provides loving sanctuary for kids and youth through a network of volunteer host families. On Friday, Nov. 13, Safe Families for Children, Minnesota will hold a gala at the Minneapolis Hilton to celebrate the successes of 2015. Last year, Safe Families for Children, MN saw 115 moms and dads, sidelined by addiction, joblessness, illness or homelessness, hold on to hope as volunteer host families provided sanctuary for their155 children. The organization seeks to support parents in a time of need while preventing child abuse and neglect, which can occur when families are in crisis.

The gala will welcome more than 600 friends of Safe Families for Children, MN for dinner, a silent auction and presentations from child welfare expert Sharen Ford and local crimes against children expert Sergeant Grant Snyder.

Ford is a nationally recognized child welfare consultant and retired manager for permanency services in the child welfare services division of the Colorado Department of Human Services. She currently serves as the program director for adoption and orphan care at Focus on the Family. Sergeant Grant Snyder has spent nearly three decades focusing on investigations, advocacy and research involving victims of sexual assault, child sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation. He has worked in both the public and private sectors, and is currently a detective with the special crimes investigation division of the Minneapolis Police Department, where he is the lead investigator on all human and sex trafficking cases. Attendees will also hear from Melvin and Tonya Miller, leaders of Progressive Baptist Church in St. Paul, Minn., and Safe Families for Children MN host family.



In 2015, Safe Families Minnesota provided:

·       104,520 hours (or 4,355 days) of 24/7 care 

·       155 children and 90 mothers with sanctuary and support

·       91 host families and 44 churches with education, tools and resources

The stats:

·       $40.18: daily cost to support one child 

·       4: average age of children served

·       75/69: number of boys/girls given sanctuary

·       177: number of trained host families currently volunteering in Minnesota

·       86: number of new host families needed in 2016

·       5 weeks: typical length of a child’s stay with a host family

Proof that Safe Families works:

·       90 percent of kids are reunited with their families vs. 51 percent through government-run foster care

·       29 days is the average amount of time Safe Families kids spend away from their families, vs. more than 700 days for those in foster care

 Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS) FY 2014 data;



Safe Families for Children™ is a national movement of compassion that gives hope to families in crisis. Founded in 2002, Safe Families for Children has partnered with churches, local community agencies and volunteer families, as well as government organizations, in more than a dozen states, and internationally in Great Britain, Africa and Canada. The Safe Families for Children network has provided essential extended-family relationships to nearly 1,000 children and families annually. We strive to meet the three objectives of child welfare deflection, child abuse prevention and family support and stabilization. Learn more at