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Anytime Fitness to open club aboard Antarctic cruise ship

An artist rendering of the Magellan Explorer, which is currently under construction. Courtesy of Antarctica211 / 3
An artist rendering of the "Magellan Explorer," which is currently under construction. The boutique cruise ship will be home to an Anytime Fitness gym and will begin its inaugural voyage Nov. 28, 2019. Courtesy of Antarctica212 / 3
An artist rendering of the observation lounge and bar aboard the Magellan Explorer, which is currently under construction. Courtesy of Antarctica213 / 3

Anytime Fitness will soon expand its reach to Antarctica.

The fitness club company headquartered in Woodbury is partnering with Chilean-based travel agency Antarctica21 to put one of its gyms aboard a new cruise ship.

The move will make Anytime Fitness "the first franchise of any type on all seven continents," said national media director Mark Daly.

"Literally and symbolically, we'll soon be 'making healthy happen' around the world," Daly said.

The gym is planned for the Magellan Explorer, a boutique cruise ship that will hold a maximum of 69 passengers and 31 crew members per trip. It will be the third ship in Antarctica21's fleet and the first designed for Antarctic air-cruises.

Marketing director Jamie Ensey said the ship's first voyage is scheduled to begin Nov. 28. The ship will make 14 weeklong trips per season.

"For us, building an Anytime Fitness gym on board our newest ship is yet another means of providing our guests first-class facilities and services," Ensey said.

The journey begins with guests boarding a private, two-hour flight from Puntas Arenas, Chile, after which they will meet the ship in Antarctica. The flight bypasses the "stormy" Drake Passage between the southern tip of South America and Antarctica, Ensey said.

The ship will have seven options for room accommodations ranging from $12,995 to $26,995, with prices increasing later in the season.

For Anytime Fitness, the plans come after a 2018 agreement to open "several dozen" gyms in Morocco, Africa. It currently has more than 4,600 locations worldwide in nearly 40 countries and reportedly serves about 4 million members.

Other plans for the next five years include opening locations in Germany, Austria, Central America and African countries outside of Morocco.

Daly said Anytime Fitness founder and CEO Chuck Runyon is "very serious about exploring opportunities for Anytime Fitness to be represented in outer-space or aboard a rocket travelling in outer space."

"We're not sure what this will look like yet," Daly said. "We're considering all possibilities."

Hannah Black

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