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Retail plans move ahead for former Craft site in Woodbury

A four-tenant retail building is scheduled to replace the former Craft Beer and Kitchen building on Commons Drive.

The 14,000-square-foot development will feature large standalone retail building, two multi-tenant buildings and a drive-thru coffee shop, following the Woodbury City Council's unanimous approval Aug. 30.

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The space could also house office space, including medical or dental, as well as about 4,500 square feet for a restaurant space.

Expansion of the development's restaurant space, Community Development Director Dwight Picha said, would require an additional council hearing.

Chain restaurants

News of the restaurant's demolition and subsequent re-development sparked a rash of criticism through Facebook comments calling for fewer franchises and more locally-owned business.

Picha said the city is limited in which requirements it can impose for businesses that fit the zoning requirements.

"The restaurant business is difficult," he said at the meeting. "Some of the best restaurants in Minneapolis are closing, and it's hard to control what the consumer wants. Certainly the city of Woodbury doesn't have that ability."

Mayor Mary Stephens Giuliani said supporting entrepreneurial efforts is among the top priorities of the Washington County Community Development Agency, which aims to connect small business owners with access to capital and best practices.

"The trends in the restaurant industry are changing, and I think that the market is responding to that," she said. "We do love local, we do like the entrepreneurs, but it can be a difficult market."