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Prestwick Golf Club announces new restaurant

The Osteria Restaurant in Woodbury is reimagining itself.

Osteria's owners announced Wednesday that the restaurant, which is located at the Prestwick Golf Club, will be closing its doors Feb. 27 and reopening under the name T. Morris Pub & Grill in mid-March.

Named after the Scottish golfer Tom Morris, the restaurant will serve up casual pub classics, such as fish and chips and specialty burgers.

"We are excited to bring a fun new restaurant to Prestwick that the neighborhood and golfers can enjoy," said owner Jeanne Mooty in a statement.

She and her husband, David, have run the golf course and attached restaurant for 20 years in Woodbury.

They said they recognizing the absence of a neighborhood pub, and have been working with Minneapolis-based consulting group Mise en Place to develop the T. Morris Pub & Grill culinary team and concept.

The restaurant space is undergoing heavy renovation, which will include a more open and bright atmosphere and additional bar seating.

Open daily at 11 a.m., T. Morris Pub & Grill will serve lunch and dinner. It will also feature a happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m.

The pub and grill's website is