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Ayeni, Tannahill among 10 named to Woodbury's 2013 Hall of Fame class

Woodbury 1999 graduate Louis Ayeni was one of 10 named to the second Hall of Fame class at Woodbury High School.

Over the past 38 years, myriad multi-talented students, skilled coaches and devoted supporters have made Woodbury High School's activities what they are today. For the second-straight year, a fraction of those people will be recognized in Woodbury High School's new Hall of Fame. This past week, Woodbury High School announced it will induct 10 individuals into its second Hall of Fame class.

Woodbury 1999 graduates Louis Ayeni and Abigail Frost, 1997 graduate Lindsey Huff, 1991 graduate Bob Longo, Longtime band director Dwayne Tannahill and the members of the 1993 "Bring Our Teams Home" Stadium Group: George Gossman, Bill Hargis, Mike Mularnoi, John Norris and Bruce Soma will comprise the second Hall of Fame class at Woodbury High School.

Woodbury High School's second class of Hall of Fame inductees were announced at the second-annual Royal Rouser celebration and fundraiser, on Friday, April 5, at the Prom Center in Oakdale.

"It was a great event," Woodbury Activities Director Jason Gonnion said. "I think it reminded us of the reason you get together and celebrate what great things that have inspired kids in the past and led to amazing experiences, not only at Woodbury High School, but beyond that."

The Royal Rouser was put together by the Royals Booster Club, which supports all of the student activities including academics, arts, athletics, and social clubs available at Woodbury High School.

"The goal of the event is to generate revenue for programs that need it - and all of our programs desperately need it - and to celebrate a Hall of Fame that recognizes great work that takes place in the arts and in athletics and deepen those roots and traditions of Woodbury High School," Gonnion said.

Hall of Fame inductees were selected by a committee of seven voting members: Gonnion, Woodbury Principal Linda Plante, WHSABC President Rick Beck, and athletic department representatives Doug Johnson, Pat Malicki, Dwayne Tannhill and Jennifer Starr.

Gonnion said the plan is to announce each year's Hall of Fame class at the Royal Rouser every spring. The Hall of Fame inductees will then also be honored at a banquet during the week of Homecoming in the fall.

Gonnion said the second-annual Royal Rouser was well-attended and the remarks he received about the event were very positive.

"It's been great," Gonnion said. "I'd love to have 1,000 people there. A lot of hard work goes into it. We're there to support what's going on today and celebrate what has gone on in the past. Sometimes it takes time for folks to understand what it is that you're setting out to do. We're doing that a step at a time."

Last year, Woodbury High School inducted eight individuals into its inaugural Hall of Fame class. Longtime Woodbury basketball coach Del Schiffler, 1990 graduate Douglas C. Schneider, 1983 graduate Mary Vaaler, 1985 graduate Kathryn Hughes, 1984 graduate Chip Lohmiller, 1978 graduate Michael Robb, 1988 graduate Michelle Sherman and 1995 graduate Heidi Lundervold made up the first class.

Any alumni or friend of Woodbury High School may nominate someone for the Hall of Fame. A nominee must satisfy these qualifications: A former Woodbury Royal who performed with unique excellence in athletics, the arts or club activities while attending WHS. The nominee must be a Woodbury graduate and out of school for at least 10 years. Nominees must be, or have been, a credit to his/her family, country and Woodbury. Advisors and coaches must have been someone who distinguished himself/herself by demonstrating exceptional leadership, character and outstanding achievement during his/her tenure at WHS. Also, a special award could be given to a person who has been a loyal and devoted supporter of WHS athletics, arts or club activities.