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Quite a class reunion for seven graduates

Seven members of the Woodbury High School Class of 2008 held an informal reunion to run the 2010 Grandma's Marathon in Duluth on Saturday, June 18. Pictured from left are: Jeffrey Urbano, Macaila Pagel, Alaina Norcutt, Tim Donoghue, Aaron Dommeyer, Lindsey Dommeyer; not pictured, Karin Rasmussen. WHS cross-country running coach Mark Andrews also ran the 26.2-mile course from Two Harbors to the Duluth waterfront.

Seven members of the Woodbury High School Class of 2008 held an impromptu reunion in a less-than-likely place, coming together to run Grandma's Marathon on Saturday, June 18.

The septet of WHS alumni came together from as far away as Tennessee to all run the 26.2-mile course that strings from Two Harbors to Duluth, with each one crossing the line on what was described by many as an ideal marathon day.

"My brother was the one who decided to run," Lindsey Dommeyer said. "We talked to several of our friends and formed a group."

The brother-and-sister tandem of Lindsey and Aaron Dommeyer -- both of whom had run two previous marathons, including Grandma's in 2007 -- were joined by Jeffrey Urbano, Macaila Pagel, Alaina Norcutt, Tim Donoghue and Karin Rasmussen.

"We talked online a lot, encouraging each other and discussing our training," Lindsey Dommeyer said.

Race day came to pass and each one of the seven managed to finish the hours-long event, with six of the seven meeting up after the finish for a group photo and a quick meeting with WHS teacher and cross-country running coach Mark Andrews, who had just finished his 60th marathon.

Andrews coached six of the seven in their high school days.

"We found him and his face lit up," Dommeyer said. "It was just a really great experience for everyone."