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Royals football team bonds in Winona

The Royals football team hauled in quite the list of accolades at the Winona State football camp last week.

Woodbury claimed victories in 1-on-1 and 3-on-3 linemen drills, along with a 7-on-7 championship.

Still, to quarterback Brady Mundahl, the camp wasn’t about competing in scrimmages or winning competitions.

“I think one of the most important things about it is just getting that relationship with the kids that you’re not very close with and really helping your team bond,” Mundahl said. “Things like paintball and just hanging out with the team. I didn’t see the scrimmages as the key things there. I felt like hanging out with my teammates really helps a lot.”

Woodbury coach Andy Hill said that team bonding is the most important thing he feels his kids get out of the summer camps. Though the bond starts to develop much earlier in the year, the camps help expedite the process before fall practices.

“Getting the guys to be close, hanging around each other and being together, that’s always a huge part of the offseason,” Hill said. “It starts in January and February in the weight room before school and the summer camp is another opportunity to get them away from all of the distractions and I think they really enjoyed it.”

Hill said 56 players traveled to the Winona camp -- the largest contingency he’s ever brought from Woodbury.

And while he was pleased with the way his guys performed, he said the camp was “just another step in trying to get a little bit better every day.”

“The Winona State camp gave us a chance to get on the line of scrimmage against a couple of other teams,” Hill said. “You don’t really take anything to the bank after having a scrimmage in July, especially against somebody you’re not going to play [in the regular season], but it’s exciting to not be going against your offense and defense all the time.”

Hill said the staff likes to use the contact time it has available with the team to hammer out the basics, both with the fundamentals and playcalling.

“We haven’t gotten fancy,” he said. “We try to get good at what we want to get good at, and during the season hopefully we can get some of the extra stuff in.”

The Winona camp shows Woodbury is indeed good at multiple things at this point in the summer. Last week appeared to have been another step in the right direction as the Royals approach fall practices.

“Our team really showed out in Winona,” Mundahl said. “I feel like we really built our bond as a team there and I’m feeling good about where this team’s going.”