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Volunteers needed for Sept. 25 prairie restoration event

The Woodbury Conservation Corridor is a rare and unique prairie remnant bordering the cities of Woodbury and Cottage Grove. The ecological health and vibrancy of this green space is vital to preserving habitat of rare bird species including the bobolink, meadow lark and Henslow's sparrow.

Great River Greening is seeking volunteers of all ages to help re-establish this 80-acre grassland prairie.

Volunteers are needed to collect remnant prairie seeds, construct bird houses and improve bird habitat, remove invasive species and haul non-native brush.

Funding for the restoration project is provided by the Minnesota Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund and the South Washington County Conservation District. A total of 100 volunteers and 20 supervisors are needed for the event.

To register, contact Mark Turbak, of Great River Greening, at or 651-665-9500.