Woodbury man sets a mountain of a goal


There's just something about the Flag of the United States of America that stirs a sense of pride in a veteran—probably because he or she has fought for the freedoms for which it stands. And for many veterans, seeing a torn and tattered flag just doesn't seem right.

But for one Woodbury veteran, seeing a tattered flag ready for retirement became an inspiration See, a while back, Air Force veteran David Dewitt took a trip to Montana to see his daughter. During the trip, they decided to climb North Peak Mountain.

The climb was not easy for Dewitt. When he came to the top, he found what was left of a torn, tattered, sun-bleached American flag.

It just didn't sit right with him. He decided he wanted to replace that flag, but knew he would have to be in better health to do so.

Dewitt and his wife, Kathy, Dewitt joined LifeTime Fitness in Woodbury. They got in on one of the TEAM classes at the club. They started exercising on a regular basis. Dewitt lost more than 20 pounds.

At some point, Dewitt shared his North Peak Mountain experience with his teammates. Unbeknown to Dewitt, LifeTime purchased a new flag for his trek. He was presented with the flag last month.

Dewitt was scheduled to bring the flag back to Montana in March. His new goal was to make it to the top of that mountain, and replace the torn flag with the new one from LifeTime.