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McEnany almost completes the Race Across America

Woodbury resident Bob McEnany rode 2,500 miles in 11 days as he came just short of finishing the Race Across America. (photo by Trish Gardner Photography)

Woodbury resident Bob McEnany did not complete the Race Across America.

But man, did he come close.

McEnany rode 2,500 miles in 11 days, before he finally got off of his bike. The Race Across America tasks riders with the mission of riding more than 3,000 miles from Oceanside, Calif. to Baltimore Md. in 12 days -- a goal McEnany came just 500 miles short of completing.

“Mentally, physically, emotionally, it’s unbelievably draining and I’m exhausted from head to toe -- inside and out, top to bottom,” he said. “I’m exhausted and I’m sore, but at the same time, I’m really proud of what myself and my crew accomplished. … We made it a long way down the road, so I’m very happy with the effort that we put in.”

Coming into the race McEnany said that generally only 50 percent of the solo riders who take on RAAM complete the journey.

“That’s scary,” he said prior to the race. “Because with all that I’ve done and put forth, I’ve got as good a chance to not finish as I do to finish.”

Still, though he didn’t finish, McEnany was able to test his personal limits, one of the three goals he set forth for himself before the race.

He said the most difficult part of the race was the two-day trip across Kansas. While the state is fairly level altitude-wise, McEnany faced a relentless headwind the entire time, making the voyage extremely difficult.

“I think without question that was the most difficult part,” he said.

Still, he made it clear across the state.

It appears as though he accomplished his other two goals, as well.

McEnany said he wanted to inspire others to also push themselves to their limits through whatever method they so chose, something countless people made clear he achieved as they commented on his Facebook page.

“You have inspired me Bob,” St. Paul resident Mark Crowson commented on the Facebook page. “Made me think about the possibilities in my life, the amazing things I can do if I try and the people I can help. Great job. Great job.”

Crowson’s comment was just one of hundreds made on the Facebook page throughout McEnany’s journey. And throughout his ride, his crew would read the comments over a loudspeaker from the car which was following McEnany so he could hear all of the support and encouragement from his followers during his ride. He said the comments kept him going.

“It was just a groundswell of enthusiasm and support,” he said. “It was truly an amazing outpouring of support from everybody and I’m just humbled and so thrilled with the whole event. It was amazing.”

McEnany’s final goal was to raise $5,000 for the Minnesota Military Family Foundation. As of Sunday afternoon, McEnany had raised $11,275 for the organization -- well more than double his original goal.

McEnany said he was confident he would reach the $5,000 goal, but didn’t want to set it for $10,000, because he thought that would be a stretch. It was a stretch he easily reached.

“We were totally thrilled,” McEnany said. “The fact that we more than doubled it, we were just happy as can be.”

Given all of the positives that came from the race, despite not quite finishing, McEnany said his journey was “98 percent” successful.

“I really couldn’t be more happy,” he said.

For more information on McEnany and his journey across America, check out his Facebook page at