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Gymnastics: East Ridge and Woodbury warm up for sections

With East Ridge teammates watching, Lexi Corcoran of the Raptors does a back flip on the balance beam Thursday. (Photo by John Molene)1 / 5
With head coach Chris Muras watching in the background, East Ridge's Alissa Moline works her routine on the balance beam Thursday in the Raptors' 143.575 to 133.175 team win over visiting Woodbury. (Photo by John Molene)2 / 5
Gymnast Sophia Bancker of the Woodbury Royals works the beam Thursday at East Ridge. (Photo by John Molene)3 / 5
Woodbury gymnast Ella Endrizzi flashes a big smile as she competes in the floor exercise. Endrizzi scored a 8.7 to finish fifth in the event. (Photo by John Molene)4 / 5
Hannah Walker of East Ridge leaps as she competes on the floor Thursday against Woodbury. (Photo by John Molene)5 / 5

East Ridge and Woodbury gymnasts warmed up for next week's section meet by vaulting to their highest dual team scores of the season Thursday.

East Ridge won the dual meet 143.575 to 133.175. Both the Raptors and the Royals topped their previous best scores by five points.

East Ridge sophomore Cassie Kahrer had a huge night to lead the Raptors, finishing first on the vault (9.625), on the beam (9.35) and the uneven bars (9.45) to easily win the all-around. Kahrer scored a 9.65 in the vault — the highest score of the night — and added a 9.45 on the bars and a 9.35 on the beam.

"I was happy with the girls working as a team," East Ridge head coach Chris Muras said. "I was happy with the girls getting their highest team score of the season so far. And I think with sections being so close they're really motivated to do their very best and they're working really, really hard in the gym and it just shows.

"They came out on the floor today — and we counted some falls still — and we still ended up with a really decent score. We just have some things to fix in this next week, and hopefully we can do that."

East Ridge finished 1-2-3 in the all-around, led by Kahrer who scored a 37.5. Ninth-grader Lexie Corcoran was second with a 35.9, edging teammate Hannah Walker who was third with a 35.65. Haley Lind led the Royals with a fourth-place all-around finish with a score of 34.375.

"This is our high score of the season, we had a really good meet," said Kahrer, whose 37.5 mark would rank in the top 15 all-around scores so far this season. "I'm really proud of the team. We did good tonight."

Corcoran finished first in the floor exercise with a 9.375. She was also third in the vault, third on the beam and second on the bars.

Senior Haley Lind had a strong meet to pace the Royals. Lind was third on the bars, fourth on the beam and sixth in the vault.

"As a team, I think we only had to count one fall, which for us has been by far the best meet of the year," Woodbury assistant coach Jackie LaFluer said. "The girls showed a lot of mental toughness and a lot of hard work in the past few weeks. So it all paid off tonight."

The Raptors swept the first four places in the vault and the floor exercise and were first through third in the beam.

"There were girls on the team that had like the highest scores they've even gotten on vault, so I think that really helped our team score," Kahrer said.

Woodbury, East Ridge and Park compete in the varsity section tournament at Eagan High School Friday, starting at 5:30 p.m.

Individual results

Floor — 1. Lexie Corcoran, ER, 9.375; 2. Hannah Walker, ER, 9.25; 3. Cassie Kahrer, ER, 9.075; 4. Alyssa Chandler, ER, 8.95; 5. Ella Endrizzi, WB, 8.7; 6. Sophia Bancker, WB, 8.675.

Vault — 1. Kahrer, ER, 9.625; 2. Walker, ER, 9.5; 3. Corcoran, ER, 9.1; 4. Alissa Moline, ER, 8.775; 5. Bancker, WB, 8.65; 6, Lind, WB, 8.625.

Beam — 1. Kahrer, ER, 9.35; 2. Walker, ER, 9.0; 3. Corcoran, ER, 8.95; 4. Lind, WB, 8.75; 5. Golden, WB, 8.5; 6. Moline, 8.45.

Bars — 1. Kahrer, ER, 9.45; 2. Corcoran, ER, 8.475; 3. Lind, WB, 8.475; 4. Chandler, ER, 8.2; 5. Golden, 8.1. 6. Walker, ER, 7.9.