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Student activities info sessions to change

District 833's recent internal review into alleged student-athlete recruiting included a look at how high schools inform middle school students of their extracurricular activities and concluded with changes to that policy, Assistant Superintendent Keith Ryskoski said.

There are four District 833 middle schools feeding into the three high schools, none exclusively. One middle school, for instance, includes kids in two high school boundaries.

Students who wish to transfer to a high school outside their attendance boundary have to submit the application by Jan. 14. There were concerns that Woodbury activities officials had touted their programs ahead of that deadline to students at a middle school that feeds into Woodbury and East Ridge high schools, Ryskoski said. Meanwhile, there was a similar concern about East Ridge officials showcasing their extra-curricular activities to a middle school with students assigned to attend Park High School.

The high schools will better coordinate their informational sessions in the future and will not meet with middle school students ahead of the transfer application deadline, Ryskoski said. That should eliminate any perception that a high school is trying to encourage students to transfer for extracurricular purposes, he said.

Ryskoski said high school representatives are excited about their programs.

"That doesn't mean they're out there trying to (cast) somebody else's program in a different light," he said.