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Letter: Single issue social event?

I spent some time at the political tents during Woodbury Days (and) met with some interesting people of both the DFL and GOP parties. One of the more pleasurable times was with a person running for re-election with whom I have exchanged e-mails. She was very personable and it was a joy to chat with her.

It was a fun time, with me stating that I wished she was on my side of the fence so I could work with and vote for her. As we parted, she made a statement that made me realize why we are in the seemingly unfixable mess we are in with our legislators.

She said, "John, just remember... it's only politics." Wow, what a powerful statement, that answered a lot of questions.

It appears that some, if not most of our elected legislators look at their positions as a single issue social event, rather than the serious job of running our state government in the best interest of all the taxpayers.

Voters, beware of why and for whom you cast your ballet.

John R. Penas