LETTER: Trump deserves the same respect GOP gave Obama -- none


Linda Stanton, in her Dec. 21 letter, wants us to "move on" and accept a Donald Trump presidency. In defense of her position, she cites long disproven "tall tales" about Hillary Clinton. Perhaps Stanton hasn't followed the news. The Federal Bureau of Investigation concluded that Clinton's emails were not worth further action, and the Republican Congress conducted seven investigations of Benghazi, deciding after spending tens of millions of dollars, that there was no "there" there. Meanwhile, all of our intelligence services have concluded that Putin interfered with our election, with the purpose of aiding Trump's campaign. Doesn't that disturb Stanton, just a little, or is it OK that a foreign enemy worked against our democratic process, as long as that interference got her candidate elected?

Stanton claims that Clinton wasn't all that liked, yet, Clinton won the popular vote by a historic margin of nearly three million, despite the Russian interference, and despite the worst voter suppression since Jim Crow. It seems Clinton was popular among Democrats after all, while only about 80,000 votes, in three swing states, made Trump's Electoral College win possible.

I have an offer for Stanton. Remember how much respect the Republicans showed Obama during his terms in office? Remember when Rep. Joe Wilson called out, "you fib" [the editor will not print the "L" word] during the State of the Union? Remember how Republicans, including a congressman from Georgia, called Obama "uppity?" Remember how the Republican Senate refused to even hold hearings on Merrick Garland? I'll give Trump the same respect Republicans gave Obama — that is, none.

Joyce Denn