LETTER: For Democrats upset about elections, it's time to 'move on'


Democrats are on to their next campaign — in a blue funk (outraged?) because their queen wasn't crowned. Moreover, as indicated by two recent letters in the Bulletin, they are floundering about to deflect and deny what went wrong with their candidate. So here are a few suggestions that might help them see reality.

First, Hillary Clinton, besides being shrill and unlikable, made numerous major errors which she never sincerely apologized for. That is to say, she approved using a private email server for state department business, thereby effectively sharing classified information with those without security clearances and opening up our national security secrets to hacking by foreign nations. Many cyber-security specialists have already stated that it is highly likely that Clinton's private server was hacked by foreign nations.

Second, not sending a rescue mission to Benghazi, Libya, after ignoring multiple pleas from embassy staff for increased security resulted in four dead, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. We can only assume that Clinton and President Barack Obama feared the truth would hurt Obama's re-election campaign. Recall that he was then telling us that the terrorists were on the run.

Third, Clinton had the audacity to promote that the attack on the Libyan embassy was the result of a video. This yarn is unproven. But was there more to the story? Gun running to terrorists perhaps? This last example points out the biggest problem with Clinton: no one could believe what she said. Denial, cover-up and ethics problems galore made her a distasteful, repugnant candidate even among Democrats. Need confirmation of this claim? Consider the fact that a significant number of Democrats did not bother to vote this election.

Bottom line: It's time for the outraged, scandalized leftists to move on, to do something truly constructive with their time. Like help make America great again.

Linda Stanton