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LETTER: Silent majority exposes New Democrats' lack of support for labor

Your Dec. 7 edition contained reader letters, one excruciatingly long, from two of the most voluble Democrats, Denn and Turnbull. I voted for Trump because I wanted to stick it to the "New Democrats", and stick it to the Clintons, and stick it to people like Denn and Turnbull, who are representative of the "smart" individuals who now control the New Democrats.

Regarding the term New Democrats, read the book titled "Listen, Liberal" by Thomas Frank, which points out that Bill Clinton transformed the Democrats from the party of labor to the New Democrats controlled by yuppie professionals, college-educated women, and other smart people who have no regard for the ignorant laboring class. The Clinton administration passed the NAFTA trade bill, which resulted in good-paying jobs going overseas. Yes, George H.W. Bush also tried to pass NAFTA but was unable to get it done. Bill Clinton did! Bill Clinton also intended to attack Social Security but was distracted by the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Thank you Monica!

The bottom line is that neither the Republicans nor the New Democrats care about labor, but the New Democrats pretend that they are still the labor party. Trump won because the heretofore silent majority finally found someone to vote for.

Martin M. Denk