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LETTER: President elect vows to sue a dozen women — how would that work?

Judge Galler's Dec. 7 Viewpoint was a thoughtful review of the presidential pardon process, but a more timely topic might be the implications of the many active lawsuits facing President-elect Trump.

Hillary Clinton is in little need of a pardon. With the election over, sober voices — political commentators are, by definition, not sober voices, otherwise no one would listen to them — will point out that she's already been investigated multiple times, with no indictable results.

However, in a USA Today article, Alan Garten, general counsel for Trump's business interests, said that about 30 significant cases against Trump's businesses are still open, though a few may have since been settled.

Since Trump stated that he will not fully divest his business interests — what happens next? Another worrisome question: What if his business interests in a foreign country are sued? The president-elect has also promised to sue the 12 women who accused him of sexual harassment during the campaign, but how would that work?

Eric Smith