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LETTER: If you voted for Trump, you are complicit in a litany of wrongdoing

The election is over; Donald Trump, who came in a distant second, will be our next president. Ironically, the Electoral College, which effectively disenfranchises residents of more populous states, was initially devised to prevent an unqualified demagogue like Trump from winning.

I am afraid Trump voters will be sorely disappointed. Trump excoriated Clinton for her Goldman Sachs speeches, yet his treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, is a Goldman Sachs alumnus who ran a foreclosure mill, even foreclosing on a 90-year-old woman for an underpayment of 27 cents.

Trump promised not to touch Medicare, but Tom Price, his appointment to Health and Human Services is a staunch opponent of Medicare, as well as of insurance coverage for contraceptives and maternity care, and, he wants all abortions outlawed, including abortions to save the life of the mother.

Equally troubling are Trump's unprecedented conflicts of interest. Trump refuses to put his assets into a blind trust, yet people in his administration will be making policy decisions affecting those very assets. For example, Trump appointees will oversee his business interests; and no, putting his children in charge of those interests won't eliminate the potential for corruption. Even more concerning, Trump will base foreign policy on how it affects the profits of his overseas holdings. Republicans talked about "crooked Hillary," but Trump is set to be the most corrupt president in our nation's history.

Frighteningly, Trump's choice for National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, a man who describes Islam as a "vicious cancer," is a conspiracy nut who claimed that Clinton ran a child sex ring out of a pizza shop, and that Clinton was allied with Islamic jihadists, while a Jewish cabal was working to elect Clinton. Meanwhile, Trump is refusing to attend his daily national security briefings.

We are told, by Trump supporters, that misogyny played no part in their vote, even as they sported shirts with the slogan, "Trump that (B word)," or worse, the unprintable C word. Racism and xenophobia played no part, they claim, despite the president elect's race baiting, despite his vow to register Muslims in this country, despite his use of anti-Semitic tropes and memes, and despite Trump's choice of Stephen Bannon, a white supremacist and anti-Semite, as his top adviser and strategist. Trump himself, may not be a racist, but he used questionable facts, racism, misogyny, xenophobia and Islamophobia to sway voters.

Everyone who voted for Trump claims to have done so virtuously. To those people, I say, if you voted for the man who boasted of sexually assaulting women, and defended himself against those women's claims by declaring they weren't attractive enough to be worth assaulting, then you are complicit in the sexual assault and demeaning of women. If you voted for the man who claimed Mexican immigrants were rapists and murderers, then you are complicit when a Latino child is threatened by schoolmates with deportation. If you voted for a man who appealed to white supremacists, who used language right out of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," then you are complicit when a swastika is painted on a synagogue wall, or when the N word is scrawled on a schoolroom door. If you voted for the man who vowed to deny basic human rights to your GLBTQ neighbors, then you are complicit when those GLBTQ neighbors are attacked physically and verbally. If you voted for the man who demonized Muslims, then you are complicit when a mosque is burned down. You are responsible for and complicit in everything this narcissistic, self-serving, authoritarian, willfully ignorant demagogue does.

Yes, your motives in voting for Trump may have been pure and virtuous, but nevertheless, you are complicit. Now, you have to live with your complicity.

Joyce Denn