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LETTER: My carefully chosen words about Clinton and Trump

Frank Costabilo of Carefully Chosen Words certainly wasted a blizzard of them in his Nov. 30 viewpoint "Why we small business owners chose Trump."

Yes, I'm sure small business owners have a long wish list, along with most every segment of our society. I'll say one thing for Trump; he was brilliant at making each of those segments believe he would solve all their problems. Anything else he said or did which they were uncomfortable with — well, he really didn't mean it. Besides, he would become more "presidential"... any day now.

So you helped elect a thin-skinned, narcissistic, misogynistic, uninformed, dangerous bully who won on a platform of fear and hate because you honestly believed he would help you. The rest of the country, democracy and the Constitution be damned.

Good luck with that.

Oh, and one more thing. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Decisively. To imply — as Trump did, since he hates to lose anything — that more than two million illegal immigrants voted for Clinton is beyond ludicrous. We're asked to believe that those who are hiding in the shadows — always looking over their shoulders, and trying to avoid even a speeding ticket — risked a hefty fine, imprisonment and deportation to vote en masse in a state which always goes Democratic anyway. Jeez, give it up.

Those are my carefully chosen words, and see, I didn't need so many at all.

Carol Turnbull