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LETTER: I'll work hard for people, priorities of Woodbury

Dear neighbors,

I am honored to have been elected to a second term in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Thank you for your support. I am truly humbled to be your state representative, and I promise to continue working hard for the people and priorities of Woodbury.

Knocking on doors this fall and talking with voters, I took to heart the concerns you have and the positive vision we share for Minnesota's future. I promise to continue working hard for our community's taxpayers, families, schools and small businesses. I remain committed to making our state an even better place to live and will advocate for solutions to fix our broken health care system, pass meaningful middle-class tax relief, and stand up for our students and schools to ensure every child has access to a world-class education.

Additionally, while I was blessed to have the support of many people in our community, I know that not everyone voted for me. I pledge to work for all my constituents, and I welcome anyone and everyone to contact me to discuss the issues that matter most to you. Improving our state takes all of us together, and your input is invaluable.

Finally, I want to remind everyone to please reach out if I can assist you or your family on a matter of state government. I can be contacted by phone at 651-296-1147 or by email at

So once again, thank you for your support. I look forward to getting back to work for the people and priorities of Woodbury!

Kelly Fenton