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LETTER: City of Woodbury handles road rehab with professionalism

I am writing to send kudos to the City of Woodbury for an outstanding job on the road rehabilitation project for the city. I'm certain that many residents were initially unhappy with the special assessment that accompanied the project, but in the end, we now have greatly enhanced neighborhood roadways, paths, and water drainage as a result.

I want to commend the city for its exceptional communication before, during, and after the project, its attention to detail during the project, and its responsiveness to resident concerns as the project winds up.

There must have been thousands of details with a project of this complexity and I, personally, called the city several times during the project with questions and requests. Every time I called, I was was treated with respect, my calls were returned promptly, and my questions answered.

All in all, I don't think I've ever dealt with a large-scale municipal project that was handled in a more professional manner.

Great job by the City of Woodbury!

Mike Kazmerski