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LETTER: Closing the information gap in the Minnesota Supreme Court race

Minnesota is a national leader when it comes to voter turnout. But many of us don't cast a vote in judicial elections. That's because we don't know anything about the candidates. And we don't know where to get the information we need to cast an informed vote.

This year, the Minnesota State Bar Association is here to help. The association is the largest professional organization of lawyers in the state, with more than 15,000 members.

Two candidates are running for the Minnesota Supreme Court seat — Justice Natalie Hudson and Michelle MacDonald. The Minnesota State Bar Association's website provides information about these candidates. Spend a few minutes on that website. Get informed. Make up your own mind. And then vote.

Minnesota's courts stand out nationally for having fair, impartial, and qualified judges. Please do your part to keep our justice system strong. Vote!

Robin Wolpert


Thomas Lehmann

West Lakeland Township

Theresa Paulson

St. Paul

Editor's note: Robin Wolpert is the president of the Minnesota State Bar Association. Thomas Lehmann is the chairman of the Stillwater Area School Board. Theresa Paulson is the president of the 19th District Bar Association.