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LETTER: Choose a Gillespie, Kent, Ward carpool to Minnesota State Capitol

For the last several years Woodbury has been ably represented in the Minnesota Legislature by Sen. Susan Kent and Rep. JoAnn Ward. These hardworking women deserve re-election.

They do not grandstand but work hard to make progress on issues that impact the families of Woodbury including improving transportation, education, and civility in our public discourse.

We have an opportunity to add another talented woman to the team that represents Woodbury. Alberder Gillespie has a long history of serving our community on the school board, as a state athletic commissioner, and as an involved parent.

She has run a fine issue-oriented campaign to be our representative and has already demonstrated her willingness to work hard and listen to residents of our community.

Unfortunately the legislature has been plagued with obstructive partisanship and failure to accomplish even its most basic tasks due to failed Republican leadership. Woodbury voters can help remedy this situation by making sure with their votes that Kent, Ward, and Gillespie carpool to St. Paul to represent us in the legislature.

Beth-Ann Bloom