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LETTER: Swanson will carry on city's reputation as great place to live, work, play

The City of Woodbury repeatedly earns high ratings as being among our country's Best Places to Live, Healthiest Places to Live, Best Places to Buy a Home, Environmental Stewardship excellence and Best Towns for Families, to name but a few. We were a top 20 finalist for the All-America City Award. Sound financial management has earned a AAA bond rating. Those of us who live or work here have much to be proud of.

The Woodbury City Council provides important leadership in helping Woodbury be such a great community. As Paul Rebholz finishes his time on the City Council, it is important that we select a new City Council member who is experienced in what makes Woodbury great and special. We need someone who understands the challenges of our business community and who has given his time, talent and treasure to our nonprofit community. We need a person who is empathetic to the needs of those citizens who are challenged financially, emotionally or by chronic health conditions. We need someone who will be prudent in the use of our tax dollars, assuring that city programs and team members are achieving the desired outcomes.

I believe that Tim Swanson is the right person for the job as our next Woodbury City Council member. He has a history of business leadership in the banking industry and has served ably with the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce leadership team. I have seen his generous spirit and empathy for those in need as we've served together on the Woodbury Community Foundation Board of Directors. He has been a Woodbury resident for more than 30 years; he and his wife raised two children who graduated from Woodbury High School. He's one of those people who shows up everywhere when there's something of importance going on in Woodbury.

I encourage you to cast your vote for Tim Swanson for Woodbury City Council. We need him to carry on our city's reputation as a great place to live, work and play.

Roger Green