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LETTER: Response to letter titled 'Vote for DFLer Schoen'

I am Leilani Holmstadt, candidate for the Senate District 54 seat. Thanks for showing me as an informed citizen, willing to stand for what I believe in.

My "anti-union views" were shared when I spoke at legislative hearings, against the attempt to unionize private, sole-proprietor, in-home daycare providers, which I am one.

Steps taken for the "suit against SWCS district" was about voter integrity, making sure voters were not disenfranchised. All steps were within the law. I believe, that people have a responsibility to see that the government is following the law. Those that feel government doesn't need any checks and balances will get a government that is not by the people.

My "alignment to right-wing and conservative organizations" are with organizations that support individual freedom, families and life for all people regardless of race, gender, age, faith, incomes or disabilities. These organizations are not just for "right-wing conservatives" unless you don't equally support these ideals for all people. Which group would you then identify yourself with?

"Tea-party activist"—If attending a meeting made a person an activist, then living near a farm would make you a farmer. However, I consider myself an activist by running for the Senate District 54 seat. Activist defined: person who campaigns for a change. It is time for people to have someone watching out for their budgets.

Identifying my actions to protect my rights and other's rights as a negative trait is a scary point of view to me.

My "political statements" show that I am for the people in Senate District 54. I have done this while not running or serving in office. I have been active in bipartisan, at the core issues, as they matter to all people, not just a political group.

Leilani Holmstadt

Cottage Grove

Editor's note: Leilani Holmstadt is responding to a letter to the editor published in the Oct. 19 issue of the Woodbury Bulletin.