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LETTER: I will listen to residents ideas about transportation

I am hearing the most important issue for many residents at this time in Washington County Commissioner District 2 is transportation.

I believe we need to seriously consider the proposed Gold Line. I attended the recent open house on Oct. 5 on the Gold Line, the most recent Policy Advisory, and the Gateway Corridor Commission meetings. I am committed to learning as much as I can about the history, current needs, proposed plans and the proposed development path of the Gold Line. I have also spoken with residents to hear their feedback. I heard their concerns and praise for the Gold Line. I would continue to solicit feedback. I would work as a member of the team to continue to discuss our transportation needs and all options moving forward.

People are telling me to look at how Washington County can bring in corporate businesses that provide careers with great benefits. Washington County has experienced growth, but two large corporate businesses moved out. It would be good to add new businesses to bring in different types of employment options and to add to our tax base. We also have many existing restaurants and businesses to patronize. I would support discussions and plans that have the potential to bring in corporate businesses.

We need to look at the changing demographics of our county. I know Washington County is studying the expected projected needs of its citizens as we age, and examining how to attract new residents. I would like to work with the citizens and Washington County to develop plans moving forward.

We have an obligation to plan for the future needs of our County. Having an accessible, reliable, cost-effective transportation system will provide many benefits.

I will work tirelessly on the behalf of everyone in Washington County.

Cheryl Anderson

Birchwood Village

Editor’s note: Cheryl Anderson is running for election in Washington County Commissioner District 2.