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LETTER: Improve the economy for all Minnesotans; vote Republican

Ask yourself how things have changed during the last four years. Are your paychecks bigger? Is your health insurance cheaper? Are your property taxes lower? If you answered no to each of these questions, then you should consider voting for a new direction this fall.

Gov. Mark Dayton and Democrats in the legislature passed the largest tax increase in state history three years ago. That tax increase may have filled government’s reserve accounts, but came at the expense of Minnesota families. An article in the Star Tribune during last session showed that the tax increases actually caused Minnesota to lose income. In fact, Minnesota had a net loss of $1 billion (in adjusted gross income subject to tax) due to families moving to other states between 2013 and 2014.

One wonders how the state will respond in the future to this loss in taxable income.

Minnesotans aren’t just hurt by tax increases. The massive state takeover of our health insurance has caused premiums to soar and families to lose coverage. They promised to fix the problem and they didn’t.

It’s a double whammy -- paychecks aren’t going up and we are paying through the nose for health insurance.

It is just one hit after another, with no progress on big issues. In the last four years there haven’t been any large, wholesale improvements coming out of St. Paul to help all middle class Minnesotans. Democrats failed to deliver tax relief, they failed to deliver reduced health insurance costs, and they failed to deliver major road and bridge improvements.

We deserve elected representatives who put the needs of middle-class Minnesotans first. With a little commonsense, we can get the tax relief we need by electing Republicans Sharna Wahlgren to the Senate and Andy Turonie and Kelly Fenton to the House this fall. I know they have my support.

Brian Marum