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LETTER: District 622 believes in quality education

As a principal at Carver Elementary in Maplewood and a proud District 622 North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale graduate, I bring a unique and relevant perspective to the upcoming referendum on Nov. 8.

The referendum is asking voters to increase per student spending by $630. If passed, this increase will maintain and expand high-performing programs, offer more students accelerated learning, improve the safety and security of staff and students, and increase help for struggling learners. However, even with this critical increase, our district remains below average in per-student spending.

As a principal in 622, I have personally seen how cuts of $34 million in the last decade and 85 teaching positions in the last two years has affected students, families and staff. Inadequate funding not only creates challenges for teachers and staff to teach, but also creates challenges for students to learn. Unfortunately, cuts in teaching positions often results in larger class sizes and less individual focus on students.

I am a proud 622 alumnus! I know the strength of our local community to rally around our students, families and teachers. I know our community believes in quality education.

Gena Abrahamson


Carver Elementary